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Twitch Plays Pokémon’s final battle against Blue’s Blastoise.


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This was based on my own experience ahahah, my Latias is 8 years old now, she’s a great Pokemon :’)




Best shit ever


Lilina: Marcus, what kind of couple were Lord Eliwood and his wife?
Marcus: Well, my lady, when the two were youths, they were such a happy pair that just looking at them would cheer one up. The people of Pherae were truly happy for them.
Lilina: Wow… That’s nice…
Marcus: Lord Eliwood loved his wife deeply. And one night…before the two became engaged, Lord Eliwood suddenly disappeared from the castle. When he returned to his love three days later, he presented her with a beautiful white flower which only grows in the snowy highlands. It was the flower which she loved the most.
Lilina: Lord Eliwood is so…romantic. Sigh… Now look at Roy…

Here are a few outtakes of a comic I did for annual secret santa for 
The pairing was Eliwood and Ninian and I decided to illustrate Marcus and Lilina’s B support!



I’ve been waiting for this gifset my whole life.

So I’m assuming at least 95% of tumblr is hearing this whole scene perfectly in their head, right?


"This is America! Speak English!"

Yeah, well, by that logic we should all be speaking one of the hundreds of beautiful native languages that are now dying out because of an insistence on “education” in English at the expense of the language and culture of the (at many points, unwilling) student.

Let’s not forget the timing and location involved here.

1. The Super Bowl commercial that inspired the whole “This is America! Speak English!” blowback from ignorant people (my dad being one of them and I already had words with him) was a Coca-Cola commercial. Coke is a huuuuuuuuuge sponsor of the World Cup, which, to many of the aforementioned bigots’ chagrin, is the biggest sporting event on the planet and one hell of a celebration of diversity but also unity. Seeing as this is a World Cup year, Coke’s planting the seeds early for that celebration.

2. Metlife Stadium, where the game was played, is a mere 12 miles from Ellis Island. 12 miles from the most recognizable and most iconic statue in American history, and it’s a work of art celebrating the melting pot that America is.

3. The United States does not have an official language. Some states do, but regarding the federal level, English is just as valid as anything else.

So let me correct “This is America! Speak English!”

This is America. Speak English, speak Spanish, speak German, speak French, Japanese, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic or/and whatever else you want to speak. Our diversity unites us more than certain people would care to acknowledge or admit.

Achievement HUNT #14 - Jack vs. Ryan
8,923 plays


"I may have lost the game…but I feel I have won the commentary!"

Ryan, you’re fucking gold.



in the south

  • we only refer to people as y’all. that group of people over there? y’all. our mamas? y’all. you? y’all.
  • everyone chews tobacco
  • we have wells where we can draw up sweet tea from the ground
  • nobody pursues education past the age of 12
  • we all know how to run a farm
  • we cry about the civil war at least once a day, twice on sundays 
  • only country music plays. ever 
  • y’all